Clash Royale | The New Freemium Mobile Strategy Game

Initially launched on 4th January, 2016, by SuperCell, Clash Royale is a freemium mobile strategy game which gathers the elements of tower defense, collectible card game and multiplayer internet battle arena. The game was released internationally on 2nd March, 2016. With over a hundred million downloads on iOS and Android, Clash Royale is already among the best grossing games on mobile phones.

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The mechanics of Clash Royale is pretty easy. You have to play against other users in the game with a deck of 8 cards. In Clash Royale, elixir is the currency card. Each card has a number on it depicting the amount of elixir needed to summon the card. Every card has its own cons and pros, which have to be weighed when picking the cards for your deck.

Each player in the game has 3 towers. The aim of the game is to stop the opponent from damaging your towers while you try to take out the oppositions towers. The player who damages the most number of the tower at the end of time limit is the champion.

If you and your rival destroyed the same number of towers or if there were no towers damaged, the game enters overtime. You are given a plus minute to complete the aim. If you are unable to perform so, the game ends in a tie.

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Every time you win a game, you obtain crowns. Based on the number of crowns you have, you obtain placed into leagues. As you win more games, you will get high level in the leagues. At present there are ten leagues in Clash Royale. The last one is known as the Ultimate Champion League.


One of the top specs of the game is the accessibility to form clans with players all over the globe. You can either make a clan with measurements for eligibility or you can join one. Each clan have a highest of 50 members. Clan mates can request for cards and wear each other for practice. A recent update permits 2 clan members to war other players. This is one of the top updates so far as the game can take a lot of surprising turns. Every week, clean mates can pool in their trophies to unlock a chest that has a big number of cards.

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Outside of matches, users earn chests with reward them with new currency and cards. If players combine enough cards of the same type, they can pay some gold to level up their units. At the same time, earning fresh cards provides them options to vary up their deck.

Clash Royale also specs a card store, clan system, and a place to watch users, which offers lots of content between matches. For game that is fun enough on its own, these included specs make it a more lasting experience and satisfying.

The supercell touch

Anyway, the elements that truly make Clash Royale stand out are its perfect-tuned sense of balance and speedy-yet amazing game design.

At the time of writing, the stay time for a match is about a second and almost every match is a best challenge with no apparent lag.

And even if you are playing with decks of general cards, there are viable techniques to support you take down decks full of rare epic cards. And all of this is achievable in a sweet, little and very amazing 3 minute burst.

The game itself bears a lot of similarity of Clash of Clans, but it has importance differences:

An eight card deck is used to play. Up to this point has a similarity with a popular game and Yu-Gi Oh series.
it is more like a game in which you have to get cards that provide you powers the cards are divided into different classes.

But it is more than only random cards. Because the game provides you the chance to truly plan a strategy, and generally the winner is one who knows how to use the cards in the most effective and amazing way.

Clash Royale Tips and Tricks

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The game itself is extremely competitive, and many players spend full day devising techniques on how to make their deck more amazing than their rivals. What many do is study their enemies, and despite long, use this technique to make their own decks.

Clash Royale gathers different elements of a MOBA game and a RTS in a right synergy, and this is what makes it so exciting and amazing. As you can fight against other users around the globe in true world. Definitely, also with your friends from university work, school, girlfriend, etc.

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