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CSR Racing 2 – The Top Drag Racing Venture in Mobile Games

It’s not simple to make a remarkable game. However, it’s much harder to make a game that’ll end up setting the level for future games to come. One of these exceptional games is CSR racing 2 cars. Designed by Natural-Motion, CSR racing 2 is considered the top standard when it arrives to drag the racing venture in mobiles. Its latest addition aims to take this scheme to the upper level, promising to become the benchmark for its genre.

This game is the sequel of the extremely successful CRS racing games that was released in 2012, truly known for its simplistic Game play & ahead of its time graphics; the first edition of the super series of was considered the best for racing games on smart devices. This game’s aim to do it one more time by taking entirely the remarkable things forms the initial game and creating them more superior.


The graphics of the CSR racing 2 Game is one of its main assets. To create the extended-story-short, the game seems incredible; Natural-Motion has clearly completed their homework when it comes to this side. All of the vehicles included in the game are depicted in amazing detail. Actually, you can say that the value of detail in CSR racing 2 is almost close to the true counterparts. And that is coming from cell phone game, which is truly not simply to do. Unite this in many ways to modify your super ride according to your own taste, and this game can have quite a stunning visual treat.


This side is a bit a weaker of the game. As-much-as its graphics are just on the top, the sound leaves a lot to be wished, just like in the first edition, the sounds of the vehicles are highly generic. During the game, you would not actually recognize much diff in engine sounds among other cars.


Just like in every mobile game to this series. It’s complete about cars. CSR racing 2 Game has a few of the best cars designed by the world’s most renowned developers. Each and every vehicle in the game is modeled in meticulous detail; you can identify just about each little detail captured perfectly. If that is not enough, all vehicles feature opening hood, doors, and trunk.  Which means you can also see the internal detail of your vehicle such as the engine. Of course, you can also tune several aspects of your vehicle for it to attain Max performance.  The tuning parts and designing of the game singularly already add so much depth to the stunning gaming experience.

CSR racing 2 Gameplay

If it is not broken, why fix it? This is possibly what developer though while they were creating CSR racing 2 Game. In terms of csr racing 2 gameplay, there‘s no groundbreaking adjustment in it. Matches are remained drag races, with quick time predicted on the mixture of using better cars, performance parts and adequate tuning, and better driving skill. And the key to getting the quickest times on a particular car is to completely time all of your moves. Mastering the accurate techniques for every car is not a walk in the field, but you would not have any issue winning races one you figure it all out.

csr racing 2

CSR 2 racing Storyline

Most of the players of the CSR racing game series would not really care about the CSR racing 2 storylines. The tuning elements and racing alone look to be more than enough to pay off for it. Even though, for the purposes of this article, it has to be said that the storyline remains as cheesy & bland as the game replaced. Your development in the game’s storyline (and get entrance to the greater cars) by the defeating the many of rival crews, to this, you will have to enhance your driving skills and find ways to get the necessary tuning parts. These parts will be applied to upgrade your ride faster, the storyline might not be so great, but the Game plays will somewhat make-up for it.

New Features

A longtime fan of the game will welcome the number of enhancements done in this addition. For example, there’re new upgrade options which include a strategic part of your tuning. For instance, you can fuse diff tuning parts jointly to gain superior performance. Your ride can attain an additional edge against the opponents with new exceptional tune up parts.


CSR racing is far and the away the bigger jump in the tech from one main title to another that I have ever seen. It is clear that Natural –Motion has spent a lot of time honing their craft and accurate the look of the game. While a few of the actual game’s flaws have remained, but the enhancements are done in CSR racing 2 Game one is truly incredible and if you’re a car lover guy and you’ve the correct mobile device, then this CSR racing 2 mobile games is a must-have game.

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