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NBA Live Mobile – Play Basketball Game on your Mobile Phone Devices

Basketball games have been very famous with personal computer users. But we have rarely seen any of the large titles such as the EA Sports NBA make it to tablets and smartphones. The few basketball games that we have come across have never been nearer to the NBA. Anyway, with the NBA live Mobile, EA sports has finally appear with a game that mobile users had been waiting for.

The game jobs on the freemium model, where you can download a free game and pay extra for further optional specs as you play the game. These payments are optional, so if you do not truly want to cough up true money on a game, you can still enjoy the game.

Users also need an active online connection to login and play the game. This means you need an excellent WiFi networks as most of EA sports internet games take time to establish link with EA servers.

NBA Live feels a lot excellent and loads quicker as the number of users is still low. Amazingly, EA sports has kept the file size low. The games takes up 95MB after installation and includes another 60 MB after a few days of gameplay.

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The game follows the same team model we saw in previous games. You can build your own team with players you want. Offered you have the resources to pay for them. This is where you can speed up things by spending true money and getting coins top purchase the players you exactly want. There are simple guide for users who are not extremely familiar with the NBA live mobile teams and players. The player details and ratings on the weaknesses and strengths of a player will support decide which players are more vital. The game also presents sticker boxes with some tricks and hints to handle controls to your benefit.

Whether you find it tough to play depends on your team and your rivals weaknesses and strengths. The in-game controls feel extremely intuitive and simple to handle, which is a rarity in mobile games.

The menu of game looks similar to EA Sports UFC game. But with the secret menu bar, you can keep track of your next match and the full leagues. You can also keep track the season, auction window, your team and visit the store.


EA sports has not tried to grip every nuance of the game with detailed replays and close-ups and has stuck with the fixed sideline view throughout the game. Those who have played an NBA game on personal computer and console will miss the visual element. But for a person who is more into mobile games, this is a lot excellent than any of the shoddy basketball games. Since EA sports has the official NBA license players and teams, one can take over their best players and teams. Player details and team jerseys and the movements have been reproduced amazingly on the little screen.


NBA live mobile game is a game built on the final team concept, like the other EA sports games. With that in mind, you have live events, head to head, leagues, seasons and practice to partake in. All of this is done within the ultimate team framework of earning points to purchase cards to then make your team better.

Obviously that is extend of your experience with Live mobile game. And at this point, you either like the Ultimate Team idea or you hate it. It is distrustful your mind changes much more that.

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The real life NBA projections

The game is attached to the latest events and real news of the NBA. Which provides gamer the extra benefit of getting set for similar actions on their mobiles. This is despite not being capable to be present at the events.

There are lots of achievements and events in the game. This achievements permit the players to get the true feel of the game even in the virtual mode.

Completing the regular rounds of achievements activities also support in earning of plenty of coins and rewards that are supportive for the amazing team building. These are the same things like nba Live mobile hack which provides the same service. The game is not hard, but there are some technicalities that the users can master. This includes the continual playing of the NBA Mobile Live game.

Simple gameplay with practice

Playing through the season is one of the most vital steps that the players have to take in the game. So as to be capable to get the important reward packs that support in getting the different lineup needs. A powerful lineup that is also upgraded from time to time is remarkable for the gameplay as not all players have all the important skills levels. With some practice, it surely become simple to lead the teams to the winning spree.

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