Rules of Survival | The Battle Royale Style Shooter

Rules of Survival is a free game for Android and iPhone. It is a Battle Royale style shooter. That means you need to kill other users and be the last one alive to win. It takes a minute to get into your primary game, and from there you will play through a game until you eliminated or win. Once you are knocked out you can go directly into another game. Therefore you do not need to wait around to view how your first games plays out.

You can replace the look of your player via supply drops and there a big range of weapons that you can find in the map.

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In terms of gameplay, this rules of survival game provides every one spec that we have come to expect from best notch battle royale games. The game places up to one hundred and twenty different players into an isolated island. The only winner will be the last man standing, or the final squad standing if you are playing with a squad. To come out ahead of your rivals, you will have to perfectly navigate through the map. During navigation, collect equipment and weapons that will support you whenever you inevitably get into a fight with another rival. Alongside weapons, you can also get your vehicles or hands. These are amazingly helpful because they will permit you to outmaneuver your rivals in multiple ways.

The is one thing that keeps Rules of Survival so amazing no matter how much you play. It is the fact that it is packed with tons upon tons of weapons that users can utilized ranging from close range shotguns to big range sniper rifles. Therefore, no issue what your play-style is, you are forever going to be capable to find a weapon that will suit it. Also, you can just switch to different weapons to keep things new. This will help you avoid begin get bored of playing the same style over and over again

The character designs are exactly right. The weapons look amazing and the island that the game takes place is packed to the brim with top definition textures.

Rules of Survival is a free to play and download so you will be capable to enjoy it for as long as you want it without any limitations once it has been downloaded.

rules of survival

Key features of the game

Solo or multiplayer Gameplay. Queue up for a solo game or join up with friends to explore the game survive and map.
Battle Royale combat. Fight to be the final man standing on a deserted island, using your skills and wits to stay alive.
Range of weaponry. Equip a range of armor and weapons that are found across the island. These includs assault rifles and SMGs, as well as helmets that you save from headshots.

Big game map. Air drop onto the game big island packed with empty buildings. Providing you multiple techniques to dominate the game boards.

More chances for survival. Through the amusement you will start to experience the diversion to survive. As you play, you can apply standards of rules of survival hack. As through it can redesign the weapons and things to make them more powerful amid front line when you lift them up once you are on the ground. Additionally, overhaul the autos and their tempo to have the capacity to flee speedier. As you play the diversion utilizing it you will have the ability to get majority of the outfits for nothing and with no cost. Then via the amusement, you will have the ability to get the amazing part of the bundles. This is through utilizing values of survival hack with no outside buys to build the activity via the diversion and its best times.

Find best cover and put to best use

The fact that the play field keeps shrinking provides the best solution for those annoying campers. But this does not mean that you have to be running around it is an open field an nobody has a choice.

Bushes are very strong for cover, especially if you are in a prone or crouching position. But there other places that you can find to get some best cover and keep you hard to spot by incoming enemies.

Find the top weapon

No issue how much strategy you know and how best you are at keeping yourself invisible. You cannot get a lot without having a strong weapon on your side. The top weapons in the game are: without a doubt, the scope rifles and assault rifles.

You might not be capable to find a best weapon as soon as you play. But forever be on the lookout for one. Take what you have put them to best use. But forever look to get that best rifle that will provide you a plus benefit. The M16 and AK-47 are best.

rules of survival hack

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